Agent-X this is a few rare occasions when you actually make...

Carl.henrydietz - April 28 2012, 10:18 PM

Agent-X this is a few rare occasions when you actually make some sense.

I agree with you the elite is a necessary tool in a progressive nation.

I must also say the survival of 1804 elite was necessary to keep and our vision at that time was on the present situation at hand not the future of Haiti.

The consequences of it is still being felt today because this generation elite and past generations don't think they have a future in Haiti because they don't feel they belong to Haiti.

We need to reprogram our elite to make them understand they to belong to Haiti they are Haitians like the rest of us. Their future is our future we are in it together.

All the leaders you talked about had one thing in common they all see a future for them in their common land.
We must learn to respect each other.

The elite is not our master, we share the same nation we must adjust to the reality and needs of the country.

Elite by definition will always have more money and better education and the masses will always have more people who need to work for survival.

we need cooperation to understand but not to forget past grievances and come up with a sensible compromise and understanding, otherwise we are about to get re-occupy again by foreigners against our free wills.

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