Alexandre, do not bother about Alex jones videos because I...

Agent-x - April 28 2012, 8:10 PM

Alexandre, do not bother about Alex jones videos because I will never watch them. That how this fat cat is making his fortune and with business that sponsor his talk show.

I am allergic to videos because most of them don't reflect reality and they control you instead of you having control over them. Watching video requires mostly a passive state while reading imply a dynamic state.

This is why The TV industry function as a defacto babysitter for children and adults.

The government went further by keeping a percentage of the adults in chemical jail with m/j, cocaine,alcohol, pills.

It is through video the Gvt brainwashing 90% of the populace.

Traditionally once you started watching a movie or a video you have to go along with the program because you cannot go back. Thus, they have total control over you.

Since the last thirty years the video industry progressively allowing the end-user more control and you could always go back to scrutinize the facts, yet,videos are inherently betraying reality and are mostly as fake as society is.

I went to movies 6 or 7 times if I can recall.

I never bought TV, or watch TV since the last 50 years.

Most of my information I acquired them by reading.

Consequently, it is a waste of time to entice me to watch some of Alex Jones paranoiac craps.

Buy a few wifi radios.

They are cheaper online and you will get access to over 60,000 AM/FM radio stations worldwide.

You will get at least over 100 haitian radio stations such as radi caraibes, radio kiskeya, radio soleil, etc

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