Your mind is your better assest than any material possession...

Agent-x - April 25 2012, 7:00 PM

Your mind is your better assest than any material possession.

The homo-sapiens differs from the other animals mainly because of his/her ability to learn from the past to anticipate future scenarios and their sensible resolution.

Every homo-sapient has the ability to think but few of them are astute observers and are deep thinkers like Aristide, L'ouverture, Dessalines, Einstein, Pointcarre, Mendeleev, Bohr, Castro, Fermi, Tse-Tung, Lenin, Feynman, Chavez, Lula, Openheimer, Morales, Ortega, Urey, Newton, Wittgenstein,Godel, Kleeper, Darwin, Boyle, Faraday, Maxwell, Leibniz, Tesla, Hawking, Kant, Mozart, Archimedes, Faraday, Russell, Dostoevsky, Curie,Tolstoy, Nietzche, Galilei, Spinoza to name a few.

You claims that I am wrong because I think guns are worthless, but, what make you certain that the possession of physical lethal weapons will give you an edge on other people or will guarantee your survival in case of a global cataclysm?

I think that the opposite is true because the mere possession of physical lethal weapons might accelerate your demise.

In case of system-wide disaster or global cataclysm you will eventually run out of ammunition and your gun will become impotent since the ammunition factories will cease to exist for various reasons.

Prehistoric man manage to survive against a myriad of incredible vicissitudes without weapons from dealing with poisonous foods, escaping from the tigers path, adjust to the caprices of nature and change of seasons by using their intelligences.

They simply learned from experiences.

The invention of weaponry emerge later on.

Furthermore, weapons such as: biological, chemical, radiation, laser, artificial drones that look like birds, mosquitoes and other unknown type of weapons could do more damage than artillery and never mind about your hopeless myopic gun even if you will have the strength and the mental faculties to use it under such taxing scenarios.

The radio programs such as infowars, prison planet by Alex Jones and coast to coast by George Noory echoed your misguided view and most group that advocate guns are racist; an astute observer will easily X-rayed their true intentions no matter how they try to cover their tracts.

They are usually xenophobic and expressed various shade of contempt to foreigners.

Since information is the most precious commodity and power to say the least, you will be better off cultivating your mind and expanding your fund of knowledge rather than wasting your limited time in lubricating your guns that will turn out to be worthless under most parameters during fast changing and unexpected set of scenarios.

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