Who cares about child labor and keep workers in slave-like...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 25 2012, 6:41 AM

Who cares about child labor and keep workers in slave-like condition in the Dominican republic sugarcane plantations?

For years i am getting load of cash as bribes ("I see no evil;I hear no evil") from the top mafias and government in Dominican republic, i am still getting my bribes to be mute, deaf and blind.

Please USA, do not disturb the system because you will find some of your ex and present top officials in Washington are or were involve in the sugar profit in Dominican republic.

I just arrange last month with the Dominican Republic president to ease up the situation regarding the Haitian slaves not to make it too ovious because it will attract the world attention in the matter, that request was made because they wanted me to send more Haitian slaves for the next harvest season.


Dominican sugar growers use child labor and keep workers in slave-like cond

By EZEQUIEL ABIU LOPEZ Associated Press SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic April 25, 2012 (AP) The U.S. government is...

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Jean Pierre, It has been more than three decades that...

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