Journalists rally round in support of Nuria The Dominican...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 24 2012, 11:05 AM

Journalists rally round in support of Nuria
The Dominican College of Journalists (CDP) and the Press Workers Union (SNTP), the country's two leading journalist associations, have announced the celebration of a solidarity event in support of Nuria Piera at the CDP building in Centro de los Heroes in Santo Domingo today, Monday, 23 April, at 7pm. Aurelio Henriquez of the CDP and Olivo de Leon of the SNTP said they could not remain inactive in response to the threats to press freedom in the Dominican Republic.

Nuria Piera recently revealed evidence of irregularities in multi-million dollar transactions suspected of being carried out by PLD party secretary, senator Felix Bautista.

The judiciary has yet to call an investigation into the accusations that were aired on Piera's TV show. Bautista announced that he would sue Piera after the 20 May election


Embattled journalist takes death threats seriously

According to Dominican Today, Dominican Republic

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