Martelly is takind advantage of black Tuesday in Colombia

Myname Iz - April 17 2012, 10:03 AM

Now there is less aggressive demand in Colombia for prostitutes because the gringos went home meaning less cash is circulating in the streets of Colombia.

The best Colombian prostitutes left Colombia to Florida since Yesterday.

Considering that Tuesday has been a bad day for business because most people are getting pay from Wednesday to Friday.

So the prostitutes lower their prices drastically on Tuesday.

Therefore, Martelly went to Florida during this bargain day for the cocaine and the prostitutes.

Some people claims that he is playing a sophisticated game with his no good Uncle to justify his absence over the weekend in Colombia.

Francois Duvalier used to play the sick game and that how he discovered Clement Barbot intentions.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Myname Iz,nowadays Dominican republic is the new kid in the block. Cocaines/protitutes are in Haiti as well. I wonder why spend the fuel to go to... more »

Myname Iz says...

You have a good point but Martelly does not trust the prostitutes in Haiti since they are messing with Preval,Guy... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I have to admit,you sounded just like my girfriend Agent-x. By the way,who is cheval libre? I never heard of this one more »

Myname Iz says...

Do you understand synonyms and antonyms? Replace cheval by bourrik then look at the latest news for the last 72 hours and you will solve the riddle... more »

Agent-x says...

Hey, Martelly's defector # 1, I know that you are a confused fellow but do not confuse me again with another new blogger. A few bloggers and I need... more »