Unfortunately people posted there to say what Martelly wanna...

Monel - April 11 2012, 9:34 AM

Unfortunately people posted there to say what Martelly wanna hear, but I think it not a good thing for him, when you don't accept different opinion, how you gonna see your weakness, with those flatters who only said what it good for you, you would think you're the most popular ever, at this time you make a great mistake.

only one regret I got, a personage like Toulimen Legrand who I got so much respect for him, and when I read lot of texts posted by him, now I got an admiration the way he manages his pen to post something.

Only him, Jean Pierre alaxandre, and Agent x, when they posted something you see there is some reply debate, after that those others bloggers are flatters, sometimes you see some who demand aid, that's ashamed.

sa siyifi ke, reyinyon fiyet lalo yo Sofia Martelly Te fe' nan pale'-a avek komise' gouvenman zokiki-a, ak direkte' konatel la pou Te mete babouket nan bouch radyo ki pa di sa Martelly vle tande.


Proof of Martelly dictatorship and predator of free speech and the press

Haitians everywhere should reprint the message below that shows Martelly is a virulent dictator,an enemy of free...

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