The Haitian bourgeois used Guy Phillipe as a beach towel for...

Agent-x - April 9 2012, 4:22 PM

The Haitian bourgeois used Guy Phillipe as a beach towel for drying off after being in the water; to provide them a surface to lie on; they used him to shield themselves and their serial coup d'etats so they could enjoy anonymity from the citizen of Haiti and those from other countries.

The Haitian bourgeois used this beach towel to launder monies, their reputations and reinforce the notion that the cascade of political turmoil in Haiti is a matter of black against black since the bourgeois paid those beach towel to do the dirty job for them and then discarded them. Now the beach towel is known internationally as a dealers in narcotics without the corresponding wealth where as the real masters narcotic traffickers in the bourgeois sectors continue to enjoy respectability and wealth unbridled.

Now the same bourgeois don't want to be seen with this beach towel from far, in between, near nor very close.

This is what self hatred people get when they betray their root in exchange for a few dollars, or light skin women which is endemic in Haiti.

N.B. Whenever you go to the beaches, look at the towels and associated those towels with Guy Philippe as well of the damages, torts he caused to Haiti including the cholera and the international embarrassment Haitian are enduring to have a degenerate, depraved,unstable semi-literate characters like Michael Michel Mike Mikey Jose Joselito Josef Joseph Y

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Agent-x,don't play a role of dummy with me. He is a...


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