He escaped from Guy Philippe cage (Baboon A 2539) "Says...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 9 2012, 11:23 AM

He escaped from Guy Philippe cage (Baboon A 2539) "Says Agent-x".

Just like the way Aristide escaped from Guy philippe?

I will have Guy Philippe court-martial for incompetence, a disciplinary action shall takes place to discharge him from the force.

As for you, Agent-x.I will cut your relay permanently, meaning"you will no longer experience orgasm for the rest of your life until I, Jean Pierre Alexandre uses my middle finger in you.


baboon A 2539. Do a Google search with it. Then see who will be there

The following is classified information: If you are curious and want to know who is a two legged baboon, baboon on...

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Tis is a clarification for baboon A 2539. Guy...

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