The amateurish quality of this poster on "Haiti

Agent-x - April 9 2012, 8:30 AM

The amateurish quality of this poster on "Haiti" presumanbly posted by MINUSTAH promising to molest any trespasser entering into its barrack suggest that it was most likely posted by a MINUSTAH imposter such as Guy Philippe associates or his continium.

Therefore, the poster appears to be fake, fraud and phony but not funny.

Of course, specimens with low IQ like our baboon A 2539 sincerely believe the trickery is real.
NB. To refresh your memories the letter A stand for baboon Alexandre and the number 2539 help Identify him without the letter A.


Advertising Minustah Promises To Molest Anyone Entering Their Camp

Jean Pierre Alexandre says: Warnings sign well posted in the walls. "Si wou pa bezwoin Tou Dada'wou ouvri ak yoyyo pa...

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