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Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 9 2012, 7:00 AM

RE: The Best Haiti with President Martelly!

Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...

Pastor Dumaine, you are right to point out this true fact.
The truth will set Haiti free and i am glad the new prez have the courage to expose the infidels of Haiti.

We need to encouge the youngs to get involves, it's very important they are the future.

Productions, stability, safety are the keys for tourism to florish in Haiti.

I was not suprise at all with this meeting, the President is natural, very natural.

His heart and his intelligence are in control.

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Agent-x, this was my words alright.

My question to you now, what is wrong with my words that comes with my natural 3D perspective motion?

Agent-x, as a smart woman"You know the natural verbs of life",don't make me waste my time with the topic.

Just like is was natural yesterday to take your shower, your point of focus was directed over or at me with that posting of yours, so do you "you should automatically reconize there is a domino effect with human's heart also.
My message always clear in this blog "I am not a polititian".

I always find Haitian politics very prehistoric to the modern time.
Remember the danger zone is not always too dangerous to pass thru.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre,apparently you forget that...


Martelly's boat is sinkingMene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin=מנא ,מנא, תק–

Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin מנא,מנא, תקל...

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