Nostradamus & the Mayas solved the Trinity mystery

Agent-x - April 4 2012, 9:04 AM

The Mayas and Nostradamus predicted that the mystery of Trinity will be solved in Haiti in year 2012 by using the Pythagorean equation:


Now let's replace the letters by their values:

a2= Michel, Michael=Forgery unlimited & multi nationalities without borders.


b2=International telephone calls, money transfers cash holdup, Consulates position for sale, Long delay in reporting personal assets while waiting for the cash from the Dominicans and other unknown sources & international bribes in cash only under the tables*, large amount of cash deposit on offshore banks on zombie names to avoid investigations/uncheckable references.


C=Stands for Cozen, corrupted,crook, criminal individual, chicanery with the press such as:"I have nothing to do with what happened [Belizaire affair] and what is happening now Bautista affair][ The armed band of extortionists or the so called former military]near and far [or in between]."
Camorra group, cheating network.

a2+b2=c= Michel-1,Mmichel-2,Michel-n
Michel-n=Michael-1,Michael-2,Michel-n= le pere /The father.

b= The fils / The son.

C=The malin esprit* / The evil spirit

Dominican table, French table, US table, Canadian table, Mexican table, Spain table etc)

*malin esprit / evil spirit= not so malin because Martelly invariably is getting caught in his misdeeds.

He is not too smart.

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