L' affaire Bautista is hot. Read the Dominican newspapers & translate them

Agent-x - April 3 2012, 8:46 AM

The Martelly-Manigat pot de vin ou de clairin or Scandal politico financier is too hot to relies on the Haitian press.

Read the Domominican newspapers and translate them via google, microsoft.

To do so follow the following instructions Lavalassement:

1-First copy the news article you want to translate.

There are to ways you could use to copy a text: a)Right-click on the text and click copy.
b)Look all the way up on your toolbar in the section where you see File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help

Click on Edit then click on Select All. The entire text or article will be highlighted.Then, click copy.

2-Use either of the two translator below by opening another window.


3-Choose your desired language translation ie: from Spanish to (Haitian creol)or English, french,Portuguese Chinese etc

4-Paste your text in the from box at your left and the translation will appears on your right.

5-Warning you must copy the translated text and paste it before you could modify it or made correction to it. In other word the translated text at your right cannot change.

6-Why would you like to modify a translated text?

translate.google or bingtranslator

are machine translators not human translators.

The system is not perfect yet or probably never will be able to understand the subtleties, nuances,fancies, dynamics caprices, double entendere, disguised insults, flattering,compliments and other contours and detours of human languages and mind.Thus all machine translation are crude translations.They must be revised edited to approximate the original text.

Partial list of Dominican Newspapers:

Adscene [In English & Spanish] (Puerto Plata)
Al Momento (Santo Domingo)
Barriga Verde (San Juan de la Maguana)
Cadena de Noticias (Santo Domingo)
Cafe Bambu
Clave Digital (Santo Domingo)
Diario Libre
Diario at Diario (Santo Domingo)
Diario Digital RD (Santo Domingo)
Diario Horizonte (Santo Domingo)
Diario Noticia/a> (San Pedro de Macoris) [In Spanish]
DomRepHeute [In German]
Dominican News Live (Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete)
Dominican Central (Puerto Plata)
Dominican Republic Online (Puerto Plata) [In Spanish, English & German]
The Dominican Sun
Dominican Today [In English]
Dominicano Digital (Santo Domingo) [In Spanish]
DR One Daily News Service
Eco Hispano (Santo Domingo)
El Barahonero (Barahona)
El Caribe
El Dia
El Nacional
El Nacional.com (in Spanish)
El Nuevo Diario (Santo Domingo)
El Viajero Digital (Santo Domingo)
Elecciones Dominicanas (Santo Domingo)
Enel Punto (Santo Domingo)

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