An interim commander selected by the Chief of State might be a...

Bernadette - April 1 2012, 12:57 PM

An interim commander selected by the Chief of State might be a smart move for Haiti.

The President should be cautious about letting the paramilitary passed by without sanctions.

Punitive measures should be established as part of their reinstatement.

Punitive damages for the leaders of the pack should not be the same as for others.

The ones who waited on the sidelines for Government direction should be rewarded; They will most likely be better soldiers.

Punitive damages could range from but not limited to hours of community service like cleaning the streets, fetched water for older and disabled citizens to monetary restitution to the Government.

Otherwise, any little discomfort or disagreement, they may think taking the streets is the answer.

Disciplinary measures should be taken against them for disobedience to direct order from the Government.

They are soldiers and a hierarchy of order from superiors MUST BE UNDERSTOOD from day one. If not expect chaos whenever they are dissatisfied or disagreed.

I will always voice my opinion against a Haitian Army. I don't see the point.

If Haiti insists on having an Army I urge the President to define CLEARLY AND PRECISELY the duties and job descriptions of this military.

I hope Martelly will make it a point to highlight human rights abuses as a zero tolerance issue by the military and severe penalties will apply should they disobeyed.


Haiti will have the army,that is for sure.

A Haitian government panel has urged the president to appoint an interim commander to take charge of former soldiers...

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