Rev. Duval Denis, praying for a nation or world nation is...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 31 2012, 3:57 PM

Rev. Duval Denis, praying for a nation or world nation is recommended in the bible,[not Jehovah God put them or associate himself to any of world government as you claimed in present day or time].

Million of Rev like you in this world, teaching the wrong message to their congregation.

I am watching you like an yeast infection.

I want you to follow Pastor Pierre Andre Muscadin and other good pastors around him for guide, ask for pastor Eddy, he have a show 2:00PM to 3:00PM.

Or takes time to listen radio Shalom direct from Haiti.

Don't teach what you think is right, teach what you read in the bible, if you don't understand, ask for higher authority"Jehovah God" for enlightenment, wisdom.

I will say it again, Satan rules this planet; "Rev" Your fight is to save more or all souls as possible to Christ, this is your job until the Lord Jesus Christ show up in every one's doorsteps.

The fact you talked about curses, this is nonsense nowadays, like pastor Muscadin used to say"Tonbe'e djab".

You need to clean your head, you are filthy inside.

You don't have the spirit in you yet Rev.
"I am not a man of Jehovah God, but my inside justifying you, and i don't like you.
Please, you need to operate differently.

You feel to me like an unripe fruit.


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