Jean Pierre, Yes I do understand that when you play the game...

Bernadette - March 29 2012, 10:42 PM

Jean Pierre, Yes I do understand that when you play the game, you have got to pay the piper.

As dry as that may sounds, there is also a Haitian saying: "Si pa gen siture, pa gen vole".

Conveniently, USA wants to pursue foreigners outside of US for crimes committed ages ago. Should not we ask why now?

and for what reason (s)?

US has no business hunting people down without the consent of the country in question, if it does, then it is overstepping its bound.

Yes, I understand if and when we rebuke US for inconsistencies, we risk the foreign aid, the trade embargo treatment and the stern cold war coming our way.
I also understand that grangou nan vent pa dous.
Shall we continue keeping silence in fear of retaliation?

Or shall we use modern tools in our favor?

Tools like denouncing collective bargaining through the respective governments, using the web and social networks to denounce the injustice, stand together to form a united front for things we believe in and to demand proper changes.

I believe it is worth the try, don't you?

Aside from crimes that truly hurt individuals like murder, kidnapping and stolen government funds that would normally go to the benefit of the people for bare basics, anything else is up for grab. The former definitely need to be dealt with and severe penalties should apply.

Drug trafficking is a victimless crime.

Nobody put a gun to anybody else's head to do drugs.

People use drugs because they chose to do so. USA needs to tax drug traffickers and leave the rest of us alone, (everything USA does is all about money and nothing but money).

Where precisely is the Federal offense?

Drugs are big business in America.

While we are at it, why don't we start with prescription drugs, where corporate America is making a killing and no pun intended?

Yes, Yes, Yes, it is good to go after the bad guys, but we should also look at the larger picture to figure out who exactly is hurting whom?

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