This is a very serious matter. I just signed the petition and...

Bernadette - March 26 2012, 10:05 PM

This is a very serious matter.

I just signed the petition and have asked my friends to do the same. Facebook and Twitter are good places to continue asking for signatures.

People take note: The extinction of young black males in America is not a far fetched issue.

Look at the high unemployment rates for young black males, the incarceration profile, the percentage of High School graduates, percentage of mental and physical illnesses, the high homicide rates associated with young black males in America; Then you decide what the truth is.
The point is not to panic but to aggressively fight for better treatment in schools and other social and governmental institutions that benefit and protect black males in America.

"Blackness" in America is defined as anyone who is of African descent regardless of place of birth, creed or religion.

Now, the plot thickens with the Trayvon Martin case because supposedly the killer is of Hispanic origin.

Will the case be viewed as a "Racial" issue?

Will it carry the same social connotation as if the killer were white?

We all know that "Minority" crimes on other "Minorities" are treated differently than whites on minorities or the other way around.

Since Florida is heavily Hispanic populated.

I believe they should change the venue trial to another State as to insure social justice for this murdered child.

Thanks, Monel for this initiative.



Hey guys Trayvon martin look like our his family get justice in signing this petition. click on...

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