Monel, your father was one of the lucky ones. I have seen and...

Bernadette - March 22 2012, 11:14 PM

Monel, your father was one of the lucky ones. I have seen and heard in my then neighborhood in Port-au-Prince how some people were treated and humiliated in public then thrown to Fort Dimanche only to never heard or seen them again.

The worst part was, we, the kids were not allowed to talk about them or mentioned their names.

Some of them were family members.

My point of view is very visceral and up-close personal: I am allergic to any army to whatever shape form or color.

The answer is NO, No and No.
A strong police force trained to keep peace, serve and protect its constituents is what needed.

I also understand that some people might think that if we don't need an army what precisely Minustah is doing in Haiti?

They are there to protect us against ourselves, however politicized that may be. How long will we ask them for help?

When will we take care of our own business?

To my knowledge, we are not at war with anyone, nor do we have known enemies.

So what is the army for?

Martelly doing his campaign gave chronically unemployed young Haitians hope with this Army business.

Perhaps, he should address the state publicly to let them know what he has in mind for them and how he plans to help those young people achieve somewhat an adequate living.

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Haiti is open for bussiness. Ki moun ka pral vinn...

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