Monel, A college education is not a luxury it is a necessity...

Marjorie Middy - March 21 2012, 9:45 PM

Monel, A college education is not a luxury it is a necessity to even get a job as a foreman from a manufacturing company.

The cost of a 4 year college could be as high as $58,000. Getting a college education is a privilege at everyone's reach.

The cost is high and those college loans are not cheap.

Uncle Sammy will get his money from you by any means necessary so it is a good idea to sign that petition to free some people from that heavy debt. Good luck with your son in graduate school.

I hope he goes far and he uses his knowledge to help Haiti.

Thanks for the March 8th belated Birthday.

But I believe everyday is woman day.
God Bless

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Marjorie Middy you're right this blog isn't a place...



Millions of Haitian-Americans were able to get a college education due to loans. Unfortunately financial obligations...

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