Introduction of the Haitian Constitution of 1987.

William Jusme - March 18 2012, 12:58 PM

Here is the introduction of the Haitian Constitution of 1987
Ensure Haitians of their absolute rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; in conformity with the Act of Independence of 1804 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Okay, do we have that now?

Constitute a socially just, economically free, and politically independent Haitian Nation.

Okay, is that so now?

Establish a robust and steady State, capable of protecting the country's standards, traditions, authority, independence and national vision.

Wow, last time I checked, Haiti is occupied.

What happens here?

Implant democracy, which entails ideological pluralism and political rotation and affirm the unbreakable rights of the Haitian people.

Okay, do we have that people?

Reinforce national unity by eliminating all discrimination between the urban and rural populations, by accepting the community of languages and culture and by recognizing the right to progress, information, education, health, employment and leisure for all citizens.

What happens to the maids, we treat like slaves.

Are they Haitians too?

Safeguard the separation and the harmonious distribution of the powers of Haiti at the service of the fundamental interests and priorities of the Nation.

Is there really a check and balance in Haiti?

Establish a system of government based on fundamental liberties, and the respect for human rights, social peace, economic equity, resolute action and participation of all the people in major decisions affecting the life of the nation through real reorganization.

Why the Haitians, in the Diaspora, are left out?

Memo of the day, how can we be so naive people, Haiti was on track toward development from 1946 to late 1949. From 1950 to 1986, Haiti was sick with flu, 36 years with flu, as a result, the whole country got contaminated.

From 1986 to May 2011, Haiti went to a coma. From May 2011 to present, Haiti just woke from coma, but still severely sick and still needs oxygen because she cannot breath on her own. We so call 100% Haitians, protectors of our constitution, will not allow Haitians descend to get involve politically in rebuilding Haiti.

What happens here on your watch bodies?

Here is what the rule of Rights Principle says: This principle descends from the belief that every duty gives upsurge to a corresponding right.

The ethicality of an action is judged by how the consequences of the action will affect the rights of others.

An action is ethical based on whether it produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people upon which it has an effect.

The best alternative is the one that produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Haitian Constitution is DYNAMIC; amend it now,

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Pierree Marie Jean Joseph says...

KONSTITITION D' HAITI ESKLI double nationalite/diaspora nan atikl ( 91-96 -135).Sa pa bon ni pou pei-a, ni pou pep la. ORGANIZATION DIASPORA, ak... more »

Monel says...

Keksyon map poze se pouki sa tout Diaspora panse fok yo vinn pwezidan pou yo fe yon bagay pou ayiti?. Fok diaspora panse tout avantaj gen... more »

Neg K Desdunes says...

M'pa kwe 3-4 millions Diaspora bezoin prezidan Nou ka compren ou. kitem diw ti boa. Kantil sagi de DOA moun,fok ou te ka metow nan position moun ki... more »

Ti Coq says...

Duvalier, Aristide tounin en Haiti, pa gin problem. Pou ki sa, Haitien ak double nationalite 3-4 milion moun ki rinmin pei-yo, pa gan DOA selon... more »