While I wish that all haitians born wether they live in Haiti...

Rev. Sydoine Jeannite - March 10 2012, 8:07 PM

While I wish that all haitians born wether they live in Haiti or not should play a part in the political life of Haiti.

If the constitution does not permit Dual nationality the argument must be about to change it. Until then no one with dual nationality should ever be president, prime minister or legislators.

There is a grave conflict of interest.

when a serious decision has to be made in relation to Haiti and the next country of nationality I am in doubt as the loyalty will be.

If the courent president does have other nationality and it is a pproven fact. In my humble view, he should do the honorable thing by resigning and call fresh elections to obey the haitian contitution.

Argument is done.

Rev Sydoine Jeannite
Doctoral Candidate in Psychology

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