Haiti, The Political Soap Opera...

Yesterday, as I drove my mom and dad to Boston Massachusetts to pay their last respect to our beloved Matante Amalia, I was listening to the news coming from Haiti and I realized something:

President Martelly did absolutely nothing to change the political situation in Haiti.

If you listen to the drama that has developed in Haiti since President Michel Martelly displayed his eight (8) Haitian passport to the media to prove he is Haitian, you will ask yourself "what the hell are these people thinking?"

Who do these people represent?



Certainly not me... because I am a DIASPORA, I am a member of the same group of people that "They, the real Haitians in politics," are trying to BLOCK from holding public office. The same group of people who are allowed to SEND money to Haiti, SPEND money in Haiti, but stay the HELL out of Haitian politics.

"We are not investigating MICHEL Martelly," Senator Moise Jean Charles says, "We are investigating MICHAEL Martelly."

Senator Moise says, Michel Martelly even got married under the assumed name of Micheal Martelly... meaning that Sophia Martelly, the first lady, is actually, Mrs. Michael.

Let me tell you a little story about me... When I received my green card, I noticed that my name was spelled Woodring St PrUEx, not Saint Preux my family name, and because of that, My Florida drivers license name was St PrUEx, and because of that, I purchased my car under the name St PrUEx, and because of that, Geico, my car insurance company only knew me as Mr. St PrUEx for nearly 10 years.

So... Le'm vinn President peyi Dayiti, wap vin pose-m kesyon sou Woodring St PRUEX tou... ki t-ashte machin ozetazini sou fo non...

Anyway... back to President Martelly...

Since Moise Jean Charles' Declaration, others have been coming out with similar arguments. Some say he disrespected the institution, others say he put Haiti to shame, they are talking about the separation of church and state... anything but the real topic: "What about the people? LOCAL and DIASPORA??? What about us?"

Now they are trying to rally the people for a riot... a Riot? Are you kidding?

They don't care about the eight Haitian passport of President Martelly...

They don't care that the president of the Republic of Haiti, Michel Martelly, elected on 20 March 2011, sworn into office on 14 May 2011, DID, on 26 April 2011 fill out U.S. Immigration form I-407 (Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status) surrendering his Alien Registration card (his Green Card) in exchange for a VISA to enter the United States as a tourist.

Every single Haitian I speak to who have made the tough decision to become a U.S. Citizen have told me that when you become a U.S. Citizen, your green card is taken away during the oath ceremony. You are no longer a Legal Resident of the United States but a U.S. Citizen.

If Michel Martelly is a Citizen of the United States, then how the hell did he manage to surrender his GREEN CARD to U.S. authorities in exchange for a freakin visa?

You know what bothers me?

The supposed intelligent people of our republic who spent years upon years in school, those who are speaking French, those who swear they are intelligent and worthy to represent the uneducated masses of Haiti (We the people), they are the ones making this argument.

Now I am hearing on the radio that they are calling upon the different sectors of Haitian society to come together in front of St Jean BOSCO (Aristide's battleground) to rise up against... AGAINST who? AGAINST what...

This is not about the people...

In Haiti, once you become a Senator of the Republic, you have the authority to be stupid in public, and you don't have to ever apologize for your stupidity. You can say whatever the hell you want, stupid or not, you are GOD almighty, and above the law.

I guess that is worth fighting for... If I was an idiot and I had power, I would certainly do anything possible to maintain the status quo...

The sad fact is: these idiots are the only ones who can change the law.

Will they every let us in?

Imagine SATAN holding the only KEY to the gates of HEAVEN... epi-w beswen rantre? Tann toujou!

Wherever there is power, there will always be struggle because "Le pouvoir ça se prend ça ne se donne pas."

Let us see to it that the good people of Haiti win this time because I am the people, you are the people, and it is our time.

God Bless You, God Bless the Republic of Haiti.

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Roselyne says...

U said it right! I am Haitian and sick and tired of all this bull, they need to turn this country around and be self sufficient instead of depending on USA. Evrybody in politik got their own agenda.

they are in office because of the people who elect them.they forget who put them in

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Monique Leveque says...

Very well said, Woodring.

It is about time that Haitians start
thinking "country" and start identifying themselves with the land.
Look at Israel and learn your lesson.

God help

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Franckner says...

AMEN TO THAT, LIKE I POST BEFORE, Haitians Senator has nothing better to do. Create some work for them to do for getting

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Asonke says...

Mwen fou pou nou kap pran poz nou renmen Haiti, se vre wi apre 200 nou still ap mande lot peyi nou pakap mete tet nou ansamb pou range peyi

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Daniel says...



eske se sa ti pep la bezwe?

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Rev. Sydoine Jeannite says...

I am not about debating the issues.

If you read the March 29 1987 Constitution publication pp 4 and 5, Articles10-15 you would not have made your utterances about articles 11 and 135.
I have the constitution before me as I type this response and the above montioned articles spell it and make it abundantly clear and unambiguous in relation to the rules and principles as it relaates to Haitian Nationality, how it is determined by the law of the land of Haiti.

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Neg Lakay says...

Monel, mesi fre mrin pou repon anpil nan keksyon yo, sa wou di an se vre magay you yun ti jan pa fin tro kle min an mem ten gen anpil keysyon ki vin kle pou nou, bagay you poko fin deroule net min o mrin gen yun ti klete, ki kapab fe nou respire san enkyetid,
Michel Martelly or Michael Martelly mrin kwe se mem moun nan mrin pa kwe gen foub nan sa, kote problem nan ye se moun ki tap esaye confuse nou ak tout fo paspo sa yo genyen yan pou yo ka lage nou plis nan labime.

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Monel says...

Neg Lakay, I really appreciate that when you called my name to say something in the last event.

Listen Bro, that case become so confusing to me, after what was happened in the national palace.

Only one thing I can say, you have to wait, for me the case has been just opening, because we got lot of questions which not really clear people could

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Josy says...

OMG! You give me hope, and are so smart.

I thank you so very much, and I have 11 more years.

GOD's willing, and I am praying on it.


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Bernadette says...

Josy, I feel you, bet there is very little you can do about what is going on in Haiti.

We just have to wait and see. But you can do a lot about your situation.

To start with US is big and varied.

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