Bro Monel, don't you worry about that, this is my real name...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 7 2012, 8:10 AM

Bro Monel, don't you worry about that, this is my real name.
They know already what i am stand for, they know i can never be an Al-Qaeda.

I am an infidel and the son of the great Satan in the eyes of Al-Qaeda as well.
My son served in the US special force, presently My dauther is in the US Navy interlligence.

I was screened up side down by the US government.

Haiti was in the shitt list of terrorist watch because Lavalas was very easy to influence by bribes and they are still dangerous.

Now, i don't see any patriotism in Lavalas.

They come with Zinglindos, Ratpakkaka,Chimeres, Kidnappings,turn Haiti into a drug transit station, sales the country properties to foreigners, Demolish Haiti's army, destroy private properties, extortions,enrolls kids to greats gangs with heavy weapons, corruptions,briberies rules the land.
If Lavalas was a patriotics, i don't see it.
Maybe, I am a dumm F U C K to know the difference.

Jesus, i have to go Shalom Tarbernacle have a nice talk with Pastor Andre Muscadin to help me stop cursing.

I need a prayer.

Jesus have mercy on me.

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Monel,No Hard Feelings Bro.

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