Monel,No Hard Feelings Bro.

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 6 2012, 4:04 PM

Bro Monel, i see you make a remark to Neg Lakay;Concerning "trusting you" by mentioning my name.
Listen, you are a Lavalas and i don't care if you are Haitian or not, i will trust an Al Qaeda first before i trust a Lavalas.

I see the result of Lavalas already.

Lavalas is pure destruction.

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Monel says...

Bro Jean Pierre Alexandre listen! I'm a LAVALAS for life,I don't wanna know where you're standing for this information not my business... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bro Monel,don't you worry about that,this is my real name. They know already what i am stand for,they know i can never be an Al-Qaeda. I am an... more »

Joseph Oleus says...

monel thats why you was going hard at me like because you was a Lavalas well you choose who you want to be because at the end of the day people... more »

Monel says...

Joseph Oleus,I'm a lavalas for life.I know what you feel since February 29th after the big manifestation,you feel anger,you don't what you can do to... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bro Monel,Joseph Oleus is a new blood,he is the future of the real Haiti. He is only 19 years old,hold yourself with your nasty dirty Lavalas... more »