I am really astonished to see this picture of Joseph Martelly...

Janvier Jacques - March 6 2012, 5:54 PM

i am really astonished to see this picture of Joseph Martelly as an American Citizen.

I don't know if it's about like a fake document or making document but it seems like Michel martelly has a double nationality and should be removed or leave the place to another one. otherwise, he has to solve immediately this problem, or find a consensus.

but what i do want for international commmittee stay out of this it's properly haitian and should be solved by haitian people.

i don't know how the parliament sees that and what do they plan to reach to an exact solution.that's incredible.

I am really sorry for Him that happens like that. i don't know what to say but the constitution should not be violated by anyone or they do amend this part of law and accept double nationality or he rejects those foreign nationalities and back to a his normal citizenship.

that's the only way i see. if that true i am really sorry about that.

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