Hundreds of demonstrators are marching through Haiti's capital...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - February 29 2012, 2:10 PM

Hundreds of demonstrators are marching through Haiti's capital to mark the anniversary of the ouster of two-time President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

The demonstrators say current President Michel Martelly has not done enough to improve their lives and they are pressing pressed for the departure of the country's U.N. peacekeeping mission.

Wednesday's march though a neighborhood that has been an Aristide stronghold is the second organized protest against Martelly since he took office last May.

Aristide returned to Haiti last March after seven years of exile in South Africa.

His second term was cut short following a violent rebellion.


Aristide Is In The News Again.Aristide!Aristide!Aristide!

Only few hundred are screaming Aristide,Aristide!Aristide!Aristide!. As for me,Jean Pierre Alexandre"i say" Fockk...

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