That resignation wasn't a surprise to me.on the contrary it...

Monel - February 24 2012, 7:15 PM

That resignation wasn't a surprise to me.on the contrary it take too long, because the divorce was announced before the marriage, when Martely's wife and the former minister Thierry Mayard Paul would presented a letter without date to former prime minister to sign in case he doesn't have allegiance to president they will use that letter to ask his resignation.

That craps in the Martely's government wouldn't to see honest's people, because they are all corrupted.Did we remember the way Michel Martely was so criticized against CIRH for the 4 milliards dollars spent by this institution without doing nothing, after he got the power, what do you see, he gave them award to compensate them.
Michel Martely was participated in all malversation, corruption made by his cousin former prime minister unity Mr. Jean Max Bellerive in almost $500 millions dollars contracts without calling off.
What happened was, when Martely heard that former prime minister Mr. Garry Conille has formed a commission of investigating on all contract's fiability, Martely and his entourages was panicked, since then Garry Conille was been persecuting, even uttered the death threat against him.
Martely think after investigation, him and Bellerive " pwal pwan nan Cho" in spite of others scandal like double nationality, and the money that Bellerive gave him for his electoral's campaign.the money in so many frauds in the $500 millions dollars contracts made by Bellerive in bad condition.

I think the next gonna be Michel Martely's head.

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