Bro Jean Pierre Alexandre, several times I've been mentioned...

Monel - February 22 2012, 10:19 AM

Bro Jean Pierre Alexandre, several times I've been mentioned that I'm not an Aristidian after some many mistakes cause by this guy in his two short terms presidency.

But I always mentioned that I'm a lavalassien.this concept was inspired Haitian people aspirations in 1990 with some names like:Victor Benoit, Evens Paul, Serge Jules, Gerard Pierre Charles and others.

The concept lavalas not belong to Aristide, sometimes people want to equate this concept to Aristide.

Bro, I reply this posting and mentioned your name, first level to let the poster know that you already posted a Miami Herald similar's article like this.and then I replied it because it brought some light up about the confusion that some people got on this case.
Bro, that's why people have avoid to make any accusation without proof, at the time I can consider Aristide like an angel, that could be unjust in my part, I'm not a crazy as others but I'm a lavalas and I will die in that concept.

I will never forget 1990.
take care bro.

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