Let Jean-Claude Duvalier defends himself as a former CIA...

Toulimen L. - January 24 2012, 12:01 PM

Let Jean-Claude Duvalier defends himself as a former CIA agent.

Haitian people are not asking for the trial of Duvalier after 25 years of exile.

It is Amnesty International(US) and some Human Rights Associations that are forcing the Haitian government to trial him. France accepted to shelter Duvalier on the basis that he was a French Citizen just to make him spend the Haitian funds he stole during his presidency there.

Do you see Duvalier denouncing all those CIA's fomented plots and criminals killings in Haiti.

What will that trial bring to Haiti after 25 yrs. Delayed justice, oh no we don't need that now. It is a plot. They need to give a break to Duvalier because they are too hypocrits.

Duvalier killed people per CIA's request to fight communism and they should leave him along now. Duvalier by living in Haiti now tells France that he is Haitian who has a mission and a plan to promote his French son named Francois Nicolas Duvalier II to power.

Will that happen, I don't know?

I have no problem with Duvalier, Aristide and Preval, but they should know that their time is over. We need new blood in power in Haiti.

No former regimes in Haiti and we must stop them.


Jean Claude Duvalier Our Father since he left Haiti felt

These who want to bring him to justice want a civil war in Haiti the Former President for life was the best we had...

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