Jean Claude Duvalier must abide by rules or go to prison for execution

Trois Feuilles Tombees - January 23 2012, 11:06 PM

Judge told Jean Claude Duvalier that he is limited to Petion-Ville jurisdiction.

If he get caught again roaming outside of Petion-Ville without a 24 hour authorization in advance, the judge will put him in prison pending the decision of International Court of Justice for his pending crimes against humanity and for looting the Haitian coffer.

We disagreed with this decision because prison is not the answer for a criminal like Jean Claude Duvalier.

We want the judge to make matter easier for us or let Michel Martelly freed him. Let's Jean Claude Duvalier circulate freely, so we will have the opportunity to get him a la Rafael Trujillo.

Jean Claude Duvalier killed my father and my 2 sisters.

We will blow him on the road soon or later.

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Antoine Nan-gomier says...

This guy will be better off in prison in Haiti at least he will have a national funeral rather than being blowing up into pieces by relatives people... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Antoine,don't you worry about Jean Claude Duvalier. If they wanted to kill him,they would do it long time,for your information Jean Claude is the... more »

Monel says...

Antoine don't worry bro.after Moise Jean Charles get Martely's head off,then it gonna be Jean Claude Duvalier's turn.Haitian people never play with... more »