Jean Claude Duvalier Our Father since he left Haiti felt

Frantz - January 20 2012, 12:16 PM

These who want to bring him to justice want a civil war in Haiti the Former President for life was the best we had cause we were good when he was president I remembered my mum had a job at the hotel Caona Beach the country save save with the military yeah peacefull
Remember Former president Francois Duvalier He's father was elected for life by the haitian people legally wasn't no coup so it was no dictator ok Jean Claude haven't do nothing wrong I think human right should bought George Bush Tony Blair to justice not Baby Doc cause we love him live our father alone cause if he was there we went b in this situation today I guaranteed you
Haiti New generation love you Mr Jean Claude
Any question call me at
London Jean Claude Duvalier Supporter sak pa kontan anbake

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Frantz,let them try. One thing for sure,no one of their family would be around after that. Just take it easy,no sweat. Everything under control with... more »

Monel says...

If they wanna bring Jean Claude Duvalier to justice want a civil war,Mr. Frantz with who,you or the former dictator's bipartisan gonna make the... more »

Lucien Aurelien says...

Monel ou pa bay jeness Ayitien you credit. Ampil lan dan yo pa songe e you pat leve nan divalierist min ou blier ke mot duvalierist la egal system... more »

Monel says...

Mr Lucien aurelien mwen pa gen okenn kredi m'ka bay yon jenes konsa,le li we kk poul li di se ze. Antouka. se sa yo kap manje jodi-a se yo ki te... more »

Lucien Aurelien says...

Misye Monel, mrin pa konpren ou fre'm, pou komance, ou pale kom sim tap di ou ke ou pa konpran ke neg yo ap di ou ke yo te kon mange sou Divalie pe... more »

Toulimen L. says...

Let Jean-Claude Duvalier defends himself as a former CIA agent. Haitian people are not asking for the trial of Duvalier after 25 years of exile. It... more »