Although "Agent-X" fell and died from a 29 story building in...

Alix.ambroz - January 18 2012, 6:31 PM

Although "Agent-X" fell and died from a 29 story building in the deepest ghetto of New York City, the doctor thought she died of the fall, but us Haitians know better.

The fall did kill her. Ravet ak pinaize ak rat se sa ki mange Agent-X.
When she died, she almost had no blood left in her body. Ravet ak pinzaize had a feast.

Rat te fe mikalaou kaye Agent-x. She never washed dishes, so the grease from fried chicken, fried fish and fritailles left a malodorous to her room from the hot plate she was using.

Let me tell you, that was a pitiful site but it reflects 100% Agent-X's life.
No love loss there.

The earth is suddenly lighter with this one gone. I can not say that in all honesty she will be missed.

she is better off dead.

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We are no hypocrites, we will not be attending...


Agent-X's DEATH

This is with great relief that we are announcing the death of Agent-X and all her allies. Good riddance and let's hope...

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