Dear Maryse, I am elated about the death of your no good...

Alix.ambroz - January 18 2012, 12:57 AM

Dear Maryse, I am elated about the death of your no good daughter "Agent-X".

I am not sure how much she told you about her purposeless life. I know deep down inside you knew how rotten she was. I am happy for you. You got raid of one bad apple in your family.

You yourself called her a "chowette" or "Pimbeche" many times.

You attributed her failures in life to her no-good father.

Well, you still have Florence, your other daughter in your life, the pretty one and the good one. Life is good. You know me and her are not together anymore.

I only see my daughters on visitations days only. There are so much more that you don't know about this daughter.

She is rotten to the core. Ou te pedi lagen ou lan avek fem sa. With her time stayed still.

She did not mature but wittered away painfully.

She is in the hands of Satan now. Maybe she will fare better there.

Good luck with your life,
Alix Ambroz

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Jean Pierre, stay out of this. Agent-X brought this...


Agent-X's DEATH

This is with great relief that we are announcing the death of Agent-X and all her allies. Good riddance and let's hope...

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