Jean Pierre, stay out of this. Agent-X brought this upon...

Maryse Larieux - January 17 2012, 11:49 PM

Jean Pierre, stay out of this. Agent-X brought this upon herself.

Who told her to attack bloggers consistently and relentlessly?

Remember this person has her curriculum vitae...

If she did not like the heat, she should have stayed out of the kitchen.

This person has asked her many times to leave her alone.

Did she listen?

The same way she could parade her ridiculous all weekend long party on other bloggers's behalf.

Now, if they want the faked name, "Agent-X"'s death.

The faked name deserves the death.

The relatives names are real though.

You can continue with the Revenant if you want to. I will ask Baron Samedi to let you in. As far as I am concerned, she is cold as a doorknob.

"Agent-X" is dead, point final.

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Agent-X did not survive the fall. She died this...


Agent-X's DEATH

This is with great relief that we are announcing the death of Agent-X and all her allies. Good riddance and let's hope...

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