Monel, friend, William Clinton is in Haiti by his own...

Brian Andrew - January 16 2012, 2:12 PM

Monel, friend, William Clinton is in Haiti by his own initiatives.

The US government did not send him on any kind of mission.

Mr. Clinton's Foundation is a private non-profit agency.

The Agency has nothing to do with my government.

Mrs Clinton is representing the interest of the US government as Secretary of State.

She oversees all foreign interests for US government.

Mr. Clinton did well by us, Americans.

Throughout his terms as Presidents (both times) he accumulated a 400 Billion dollar surplus that no other president has done before him; Besides Andrew Jackson paying off the National Debt with interest in full. If there were somebody who could truly help your country it would be Bill Clinton.

Too bad your people can't collaborate with him fully.The opportunity to rebuild your country is looking at you right in the face, yet, you are letting it by pass you. Bill Clinton is very well liked by the world top leaders.

But yet, you people can't get along with him, go figure.

Monel, if you tally up all the aid that my country has donated to your country, you will find out that it is a mere pittance in comparison to what we have done for you as to date.
I have never told you not to like Latin America.

This is your own personal choice, whether you like them or not.
Besides, we owe you nothing.

France is the country you should be asking for help. France is the country who embezzled lots of money from your country.

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No Brian Andrew,the Clinton not in Haiti to continue...

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