My brother jean Pierre Alexandre, yes Haitians must join hands...

Monel - January 12 2012, 5:43 PM

my brother jean Pierre Alexandre, yes Haitians must join hands together to save Haiti.But we have to fight against all that fake politicians, that 3% of Haitian's elites who got monopoly of 98%of Haiti richest in their hands without create anything for this country survivor.only import everything from foreign countries to put in bags and bottles that's set.
of course we can't accept bad politicians, bad business men, bad criminals to destroy the rest of Haiti after the earthquake which caused death of 300 thousands people, but we can't accept either those foreign's bad business man like Bill Clinton who almost 4 milliards dollars wasted in his hands in two years for Haiti rebuilt, Bill Clinton not even took the rubbers out of the street.that's a shame for a former president of the united states.

Bro, I like your posted but only one thing I disagree with: this is not your fault, that's because the tourism's minister Stephanie B. Villedrouin doesn't do his job, she supposed to post already on GOOGLE the nice part of Haiti like our beaches and some beautiful others part of Haiti.

Bro, you know well than me that mostly big American network like ABC, CNN,NBC and others never shown anything nice and see for Haiti, only those ones you show on your post, they do that because they have people who collect money for them with those kinds of images.

Bro, I respect your time you wasted to make that search, it's good but next time don't take anything from those network because they have nothing in common of Haiti, thy have their own agenda.

nap pale bro.


What Are We, As Haitians Going To Do?

Haitians all over the world should join hands together for one purpose. Haiti's future shall be the goal of all of us...

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Bro Monel,i know what you are trying to clear out...

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