Jean Pierre, Lavalasse is pure evil. It is connected to and...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 12 2012, 1:15 PM

Jean Pierre, Lavalasse is pure evil. It is connected to and with everything that is dark, mean spirited and evil. Aristide was a priest so he knows the angles on all sides of the spectrum.

I don't trust his partner in crimes (Agent-X) aka the degenerate1 either.

I am leery of anybody who don't answer straight questions and is making a mockery of the Haitian people.

Jean Pierre, We are all Haitians.

Bernadette is worth defending.

You defended Brian, a foreigner but not a Haitian?


We needed Haitians of all sizes, shapes, colors and economic standings.

Let us end our exclusion practice.

When we exclude people, they don't feel like they can participate in the country.

Exclusion is no good for Haiti.

That does not mean if we need to weed out certain elements like the degenerate1,we should not do it. WE should side with people who truly want and can participate in making Haiti move forward.

We don't need separatists.

We need to move forward, we don't need to go backward.

The degenerate1 is too old anyway to understand modern Haiti's problem.

The degenerate1 is stuck in time. Leave him there to rot.

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