I see, you did not take my offer. I this point it does not...

Brian Andrew - January 11 2012, 7:22 PM

I see, you did not take my offer.

I this point it does not matter because you three think alike and are not interested in the truth.

I dare you to prove with pictures with ID photos to prove once for all who I am. But the truth does not matter with you people this is the reason Haiti will always stay the way it is. No one is interested in the truth.

I am leaving this blog because of you Agent-X and Monel.

I have better things to do with my life and better bloggers like the Jamaicans to blog with and they talk better English and can think rationally.

I am still coming to see you Agent-X, like I said I will be the one in the black hood holding the wooden cross.

I have learned a lesson, never waste time with low class Haitians.

Act, never talk to them. You are not like regular educated Haitians.

This blog stinks.

There are not many educated people who can think straight.

I can see why intelligent bloggers don't stay too long here.
I can see why non-Haitians don't blog here.
I can also see why there is no future for Haiti.

There are too many Haitians who are not educated.

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