There is no such thing as Duvalierist. Francois Duvalier has...

Agent-x - January 10 2012, 9:45 AM

There is no such thing as Duvalierist.

Francois Duvalier has been dead and he is residing in the imaginary Hell at boiler 9748674583458935.

Jean Claude Duvalier is wanted worldwide by the human rights organizations and war criminal justice organizations.

Jean Claude Duvalier is awaiting trial for ♦war crime, ♦crime against humanity for executing more than 100,000 Haitians,♦ looting of the Haitian treasury,♦ causing the death of half million of Haitians that perished on high seas while trying to escape Haiti,♦ for mental stress and humiliation Haitians immigrants have been subjected to foreign shores.♦ for being in captivity in foreign lands♦ for being prisoner of war in foreign lands♦ For given birth against their will in foreign lands to children that were forced to acquire those foreign nationalities,♦ for alienated those foreign born children from the Haitian cultural values♦ for promoting vices among the youth population.

The Nuremberg Trials and Tribunal will find Jean Claude Duvalier and his ex-wife Michelle Bennett guilty of all those atrocities.

Both will be become prisoner a vie pou tout tan. Prisonier a vie. ♦Apparently the Duvalier are lucky with the letter P & V♦ from prezidan a vie to prizonier a vie

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