I advice you to call the senators like:Joseph Lambert, Youri...

Monel - January 10 2012, 9:50 AM

I advice you to call the senators like:Joseph Lambert, Youri Latortue and Steven Benoit in the commission's member who supposed to make follow -up on government Martrly conille's member nationalities if this passport is fake or not.
Martely has two options.

1- send the amendment's constitutional to official's journal"the monitor".

at this time Lambert and co gonna have the college electoral permanent's control.

2- or, Martely steps in front of those guys, fight with them or proof them you don't have any of nationality American or Italian, otherwise those politician's animal gonna burn martely down.

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aww cmonnnn thats what your making accusations on a...

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Agent-x,do you have their numbers,i think it's a good...

nou li sa state depatment di se you pasport volet lan...

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