Monel, you are very good in pretending. I think you should...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 9 2012, 10:56 AM

Monel, you are very good in pretending.

I think you should change your name"Monel" to Pretender".

By the way in few week i will be close by near your town.
If i have time i will visit you.
I have a metting to attend with ITT Corporation in Long Island NY.Also Lockheed Martin Corp somewhere else out of New York, with these two close meetings in three days apart will have me very tired, anyway let's me know.
(Monel says: Jean Pierre Alexandre, I congratulate you for lot of progress that you've been shown at the end of 2011.I've read some interesting posts on this blog, that I want you to do long time ago.I'm very satisfied, I'm not regret the time I wasted with you to fix yo...)
What do you mean by that?

Don't let me change your name to pretender, okay!
I believe you are worse than me, you just like to acte.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre,I congratulate you for lot of...


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