Jean Baptiste Point du Sable was known as the "founder of...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 8 2012, 12:34 PM

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable was known as the "founder of Chicago" in the 1780's.
Jean Baptiste Point du Sable or Point de Sable or Point au Sable or Pointe du Sable is the first "Permanent resident" of Chicago, Illinois in early 1790's. He also lived in St. Charles, Missouri where he died on August 28, 1818.
If you are really serious about learning Haitian's History, read the "Black Jacobins".

Read the "Comedians", not because it is a good book but it contains widely held view on how Haitians are being perceived by Americans and others.

Enfin, Moreau de St. Mery is a jewel of a historian because he does not tell you his point of view, he gave you facts and accounts, you decide which way you can interpret his findings.

I like him. Here are a few of his gems: Moreau de Saint-Mery et la Revolution de Saint Domingue, L'expedition Leclerc et l'opition Anglo-Americaine, The Black Urban Atlantic, Haitian Revolutionary Studies, Slavery, War and Revolution, The British Occupation of Saint-Domingue - 1793-1798.

Now, if you want to know how the world perceived Blacks in general and mainly outside of Africa, read the "The Wretched of the Earth", certain to bring chill to your spine.

On a more modern note, "Ainsi Parla L'Oncle" is worth reading.

"Papa Doc And Its Dictator" by Bernard Diederich.

Google the other books for author, price and location.

Your local "Barnes and Nobles" probably have all of them.

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