Haitian Vitamin-News 06 January 2012-Part-A-3

Agent-x - January 6 2012, 5:53 AM

♦ See Martelly damage control moves below.

What the sparrow-wacko needs is a muzzle or babouket and 1555 high dosage valium pills if he want to stay there at the end of his term.

He has been making serious blunders whenever he opening his mouth.

Consequently, he has to walk with a macoute of moneies at default of the milice rose to pacify his offenders.

Now the monies is running out. Soon he will be broke

The word of The President (Michel Martelly)

The year Martelly, "I learned a lot"
"The performance of his ministers and advisers, the publication of the amended Constitution, the case Belizaire, his difficult relationship with Parliament" are among the issues discussed by President Michel Martelly in a long interview with the News, which revives a tradition of having a leading figure heads-up to inform our readers at the end of the year for our special edition on the occasion of Christmas.

True Man of the Year 2011, Michel Martelly gave half past two in the newspaper in the privacy of his home to talk about everything.


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,who will take over if he cannot finish hid terms? Aristide? I am waiting for your answer. God will put a babouket in my djol,i will say... more »