You are wrong there girl, first generation Americans can be...

Fritz Debrosse - January 6 2012, 12:17 AM

You are wrong there girl, first generation Americans can be from any time period.

The first real Haitian exodus was in early 1920's. Most of that group migrated mainly to Louisiana and Virginia for some reason.

The exodus picked up again in early 1050's as people were afraid of Papa doc's aftermath.

The third one picked up again in 1960's followed by another big one in the early 1980's. conceivably you could be in your 20's to 80's.
Furthermore, If you were born in 1985 that means you are 26 years old. Old enough to know about your History.

You are basically Haitian born on American soil, first generation at that. Did not you take Caribbeans History in sophomore college years, like most first generations do?

What happened to you?

Your story left a lot to be desired.

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at Monel I believe you're confused. A first...

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