Agent-X and its allies, you been posting only 2 days and I can...

Lovanist St. Vilus - January 5 2012, 11:50 PM

Agent-X and its allies, you been posting only 2 days and I can count already 6 new names all with your agenda in mind. It is clear that you are working for Aristide and everything that you say and do is toward that point.

you on this site day and nite it mean you don't work your real work is propaganda to Aristide, we don't believe you and other names you use we don't believe them too. how much Aristide pay you to try to destroy the Ayitian people you will burn in hell with Aristide to destroy the country, you leave us alone, we will never believe in Aristide he is Satan you are Satan also Agent-X, Pretty1 and other names you use on this site when you stop bothering us for few day nobody talk about Aristide you come back you start again with Monel and other false name leave us alone


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Lovanist,Aristide's agents are only making noises and...

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