The pretty, I'm found in embarrass with reply's posted, I'm so...

Monel - January 5 2012, 4:50 PM

The pretty, I'm found in embarrass with reply's posted, I'm so confused or you might be confused yourself when you said you're the first generation American Haitian born, then you didn't know Duvalier's family.

where were you at that time when Duvalier got the power since 1957 thru 1986?

Can I consider you like a stranger's person who were lived on another planet, or McDonald and chicken wings made you obese, you forgot to ask you parents who were chase by Duvalier refugee in USA in the early 60's talked to you about Haitian 's history .Because if you're the first generation American Haitian born, that's mean you were born in the early 70's, you supposed to know that cabbage's sh!t better than me, why you have to go on internet to give us lesson about that shamed 's family.

Next time, like a first generation American Haitian born, you grow up in high technology you know well after any search, if you wanna make you search at the public, it supposed to accompany with some proof like a website as Jean Pierre Alexandre did in his last posted "Arrival of Haitians in Brazil ".now people could trust you a little bit, because I think you're not really know what you're talking about.

Otherwise if you don't know anything about Haiti.

I advice you to stay in your f at king Obama and tea party's fight.

Haitians!!! Stop making show off.

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Being a first generation American born to Haitian...

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