♦Jean Pierre Alexandre you and a new blogger named...

Agent-x - January 5 2012, 1:43 PM

♦Jean Pierre Alexandre you and a new blogger named Duvalierist Rouge have been entertaining your thoughts in vile, lewd and uncouth languages over this blog.

Such crude display of incivility is akin to the Anglo Saxon culture and does not reflect the Haitian value system especially those like you who claim that you from our illustrious Haitian peasantry.

I will expect such languages from the writing of a reject, criminal and potential mercenary terrorist and brain wash victims like Brian who has no value system because he was raise by TV babysitter with no parents to guide him.
He is the lowly among the lowest that had the impudence and arrogance to tell me not to enunciate widely published facts.

This is why I told him last time not to bother to write me back because I will never bother to reply to a dim witted, low life or no life like him.

♦As a baby boomer, my skill on finding information is mediocre in comparison to the average 12 to 16 years old that are attending school in mainland China, Japan, Korea, Cuba, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Cuba, Germany, Russia, France, Canada, USA etc;.but those youngster are very limited in scope and depth in finding information and how to make them useful in a positive way.

Long time ago, few learned men and women were able to retain the spectrum of known information that were available and they were specialist in everything from metaphysics to cosmology, from chemistry to engineering, from poetry to war etc. However, the current explosion of information prevent modern folks from being an erudite.

Neurosciences knowledge about the relative capacity and limitation of the human brain to accumulate, process and retain information is still in its infancy at best.

We human our desires are insatiable.

The more we learn and discover, the more we find it necessary to accumulate more knowledge to refine, clarify and improve on what we already know.

Such conditions lead to an upward spiraling exponential knowledge explosion analogous to the big bang. Consequently, it becomes very difficult to be aware of the totality of available information that exist or desist at any given point in time that compels us to find solace in epistemology.


The volume of information humanity is accumulating become like a Tower of Babel.

That is why every known profession now are forced to branch out into specialty while continue to sub specialty while this process continues to infinity.

Thus, specialists are replacing generalist in every field of human endeavor.

♦♦This is where Lavalass in action kick in.
This is where you going to need Jean Bertrand Aristide and his crews not to screw you but to school you in that ocean of knowledge that will enabling you to differentiate outright deception from genuine assistance from the so called foreign assistance.

♦►Modern men and women, the academician, the intellectual don't have to remember, or to know everything even if such memory capacity will be possible by bionics means in the future, but what is matter is to know where to get and share the information when they are needed.

Example #-1, 99..999% of Haitians did not know that the Sparrow-wacko Martelly and his rest fouchette might have double, triple or quadruple nationality at the expense of the Haitian people.

However, thank to our Seven Stars General, Moise Jean Charles, commander of the Haitian Aerospace Defense Command-H.A.D.C, he was able to go to the right location and speaks to the right people to get the right information he needed.

Otherwise, he will have to learn every immigration case that exist or desist in the world including those in Mars, in deep space and in the metaphysics world which appears empirically beyond the human brain capacity at its current stage of development.

Example #-2, few Haitian know where the sparrow-wacko Martelly is finding discretionary monies to play tonton Noel, tonton payer of bribes, tonton macoute milice rose, tonton Leopard and tonton globe trotter.

However, our Seven Stars General Moise Jean Charles armed with an intellect 3,000 lumen beam will illuminate the source (s)of such funding because he knows where to go to retrieve the information not because he knows all the trillions of financial transactions that take place every day around the world.

Anyone that needs to find information on the internet except Brian and his concubine let me know. If I could assist you I will but remember that I am limited to the visible web and the invisible web is out of my reach for now. It will be accessible to the average researcher like me when Lavalass will sweep away the Duvalierist gangsters and the Real Axis of Evil from the Haitian airspace, territory and culture.

♦To answer you, my mission was Top secret

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