Hey Monel, thanks for the advice of which I will make good...

Bernadette - January 1 2012, 3:05 PM

Hey Monel, thanks for the advice of which I will make good practice of.
But I had to say a few words before calling it quit. The worst part is that he thinks the more vile he gets, the more he thinks he is saying something meaningful.

I don't understand why the blog manager did not cut them off permanently, especially jean Pierre Alexandre and Duvalierist Rouge.

These two are disgustingly inhuman.

They should be in a cage and away from civilized people.

You too Money, don't waste time with these wild beasts.

They will not understand what you are telling them anyway.

The best you will get from them will be vial sexuality related comments.

They don't have human brain.

Can't say they have an animal brain either, that would have been an insult to the animals.

At best, their brain is from pre-historic age. Their brain got never developed and on top of it all, what little brain cells the had, they were brainwashed by the duvalierist regime.

Any way, Happy New Year - May all your wishes come true this year.

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Bernadette and Marjorie Midy, I told you we are too...



This is with great sadness that I am announcing the death of the Duvalierist Regime. It died on the Eve of the new...

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