OK this is my last message to you as I will not wasting my...

Bernadette - January 1 2012, 2:35 PM

OK this is my last message to you as I will not wasting my time with a brainwashed head like yours.

My daughter would rather put a gun to her head rather than even talk to you. As usual people like you have an inflated ego and no sense or reality.

Your circle is not that of my daughter's. That is why you can't answer any of those blogs in a sensible manner that is because you can't. You simply can't answer because your brain is fried from brainwashing and drugs.

I better you both of you old goats are older than me but yet you kept calling me "Old".

Let us supposed that I were old, what is wrong with that?

Is not aging part of living?

Is not aging part of life?

Then again I just realized people like you have no respect for life.
perpetual child and opportunist that you are you can only appreciate immediate circumstances you can take advantage of: Food, Sex, clothing, and a shack.

Everything else goes above your head.
The internet is a great equalizer - people like you should never be on it.
You can spit your crap here one more time, but don't expect me to reply.

On a second thought, it is too bad that duvalierist will not come back because they were good at crushing to a pulpe empty heads like yours because you were useless to them.

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