May Heavenly Father bless you Mr President and your family...

Ronald - December 31 2011, 1:45 PM

May Heavenly Father bless you Mr President and your family.

Wonderfull job president, enough is enough, after July 28, 1915 it is time for every single Haitians be a real Haitian male od female young and old rich and poor every Haitian must be Haitian and work for Haiti, it is time now for us stop asking what the Haiti can do for us, everyone must asking themself: What I can do for my country to be the first great black counrty in the world.

If someone do not what Haiti want take them out of thier jobs, we have lots of young people in Haiti can do better.

Let's working for are country Haiti CHERIE stop working for the other countries, stop taking money from the other countries to put Haiti down every Haitian must be awake now and wash our eyes to see we must have to work for Haiti, let's be one Nation thank you all for your support to my country Haiti.

President once again wonderful job hope you are not change your mind and to go against us, so far you are the first president who really want to work for the country.

Just before I go, everyone please do not ever forget ( pou plante anpil pie bra nan payi a, mesi anpil pou sa ke Bondye beni nou tout.

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